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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sweet Freedom of Soon-To-Be-Recent College Grad

It's really happening guys; I'm graduating. And I'm not referring to my crashing of a graduation ceremony like I did last May, but I will have completed all of my course work and will soon receive a diploma acknowledging that I have earned a B.A. in English and Adolescent Education.

So, what are my plans after graduating?

  1. Finally get my driver's license.
  2. Visit and apply to grad schools and decide where to go next Fall.
  3. Catch up on my Korean dramas! See my To-Be-Watched list here.
  4. Find short term employment, preferably in the field of education.
  5. Get a gym membership and actual visit regularly (?)
  6. Full-body checkups to make sure I'm not secretly dying.
  7. READ for pleasure! Already started this one with The Memory Keeper's Daughter. See To-Be-Read list here.
  8. Watch TV shows on my To-Be-Watched list, including American Horror Stories, Dexter, Homeland, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, The Originals, and more!
  9. Eat lots of popcorn and Gummi Lifesavers Collisions.
  10. Clean my room.
  11. Catch up with friends.
I'll have nine months to accomplish it all. Let's get started! Whoop, whoop!

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