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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Goals and Wishes for 2014

Screw, New Year's Resolutions! I never accomplish those things anyway. Taking the advice of a good friend, I'm instead going to share a list of feasible goals for myself. But why stop there? I'll also like to share some of my deepest wishes for this year. While a few may be unrealistic, I think it's important to maintain a bit of the dreamer in oneself even as one grows up and is forced to face the realities of adult life. *shudder*

Goals for 2014:

To be accomplished in 364 days, 52 weeks, 8, 736 hours, 524, 160 minutes, 31,449,600 seconds (let's stop here, shall we?):

  1. Get my driver's license
  2. Get a car so that said driver's license can be put to use
  3. Start working out and maybe, just maybe, I'll stop feeling as if I'm 22-going-on-ancient
  4. Apply to grad schools (whether or not I get in is up to the stars)
  5. Read 25 books this year (I miss the days I use to go through 6-7 library books every 3 weeks. Those were the days.)
  6. Apply to be a substitute teacher in NYC
  7. Start my career as a teacher with my own classroom OR continue to get my Master's as a Literacy Specialist (depending on the stars)
  8. Stay in touch with college friends (now that I've graduated, more effort is necessary to stay connected to those I care about)
  9. Start eating healthier by eating vegetables at least once a month (No judging allowed! It's called baby steps, people!)

Wishes for 2014:

If wishes were fishes and I knew how the hell to fish, these are what I'll like to catch:

  1. Travel! A road trip across the United States, backpacking across Europe and Asia, visit at least ONE new locale and have a bloody adventure!
  2. If I'm forced to marry this year (parents are breathing down my back now that I've graduated), I hope to fall in love as well
  3. See another Broadway show
  4. Go out dancing--wildly and freely
  5. A special, secret wish for a little brother (this one'll remain hidden in my heart, but writing things down, even cryptically gives them power.)
  6. Feel more settled/comfortable with my culture and religion; no longer feel at odds or on the outside looking
  7. See a play
  8. Attend a concert for the first time
Well, that's my list. So far. I'll probably add to this continuously as I think of what it is that I want out of life this year.

Until next time, 


  1. I agree, screw New Year's Resolutions! :) I really like making goals instead. I hope that this works better for you. I'm sure that you will accomplish all of your goals and I hope that you accomplish at least some - if not all - of your New Year's Wishes! :) <3

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