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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top 10 Ramadan Resolutions

So, the time of no food or drink. Waking up early-early. Hunger. Becoming lightheaded. Crankiness. Dehydration. The list goes on. It’s that time again—the holiest month for all Muslims—Ramadan.

So, Ramadan is about more than fasting—not eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset—it’s also about contemplating your life and thinking of both the good and the bad. It’s about doing more of the good and trying to end the bad. I’ve never thought about this additional aspect of Ramadan because, well, I just didn’t. But, I’m thinking about this year.

Ramadan is scheduled to begin tomorrow. Evaluating my life at this moment—where am I both spiritually and secularly? where should I be? and where do I want to be?—are the questions I find that I am asking myself.

My Top 10 Ramadan Resolutions:

1. Read more of the Holy Quran. I really don’t read it—like at all. *cringes* So, I’m going to try and read it in its entirely at least once (the English translated version of course!) and see what I can make of it. 
2. Perform my daily prayers… on time! God, I am horrible at keeping track of the time and doing my prayers when I’m supposed to. It’s worse when I’m in the middle of something, like reading a book, watching a show or doing homework. I just keep telling myself, when I finish this, as soon as I’m done with this. Then, next thing I know, it’s 11:30pm and I’m rushing to payback nearly all of my prayers. Bad bad bad, I know!

3. Become more pure of mind. I mean, I’m still a virgin for god’s sake (unmarried Muslim girl here), but my mind is a scary, scary place! lol I should really probably limit the amount of smut novels I read. It’s a lot. I mean, I read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy in a day and a half! P.S. I’m in love with Christian Grey!
Oh, Christian Grey.... *swoons* lol P.S. Look below for link to funny article smashing the trilogy!
4. Start being more respectful to my mom and dad (dad, deserves it sometimes..maybe, just a bit. We just don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues). Man, I can be so rude sometimes, I’m often surprised to find that my head is still attached to my shoulders. I get angry and snarky whenever I’m asked to do something or don't agree with something. In the grand scheme of things, I’m not being asked to do anything major, but it sure feels that way during chore assignment time.

5. I should also probably memorize a few additional surahs (chapters in the Quran), and Du’as (prayers) to enhance my prayers.

6. Pick up a damn phone and give my friends a damn call! I never realized how truly anti-social and how much of a loner and introvert I am. It’s truly shocking. I can go days, or weeks without contact with any of my friends. If it wasn’t for the internet, people would think I was dead. I don’t understand myself. I love my friends, so why does it always feel so awkward to make the first move and make that call? Even with friends I’ve known for a long time. I’m probably the only girl on the planet who barely talks on the phone or video chats. So, I really want to grow some gonads and start reaching out to friends, or otherwise…sooner or later…I won’t have many or even any friends left to invite to my eventually wedding. That’s a really depressing thought.

Yea...not a pretty sight. I really don't want to end up this way!

7. Eat better! For someone who only weights 103 lbs., my diet is ATROCIOUS! A typical schedule of meals for me consists of: cup-o-noodle at 3 or 4pm, some frosted flakes at about 8pm and big bold gummi bears at 2am. How am I still alive?! And not deceased due to malnutrition?! I want to eat better, I do..I mean, I LIKE healthy foods, they can be very tasty. It mostly stems from excessive laziness, I think, which brings us to resolution #8… 

My newest addiction... these things are awesome. Really. Go to your neighborhood Walgreens and GET you some!

8. Stop being lazy!!! I am such a blob, a sloth, a good-for-nothing, a bum. If it was left completely up to me…I would life my life doing absolutely nothing: wake up mid afternoon, eat (kind of), bathroom, entertainment (movies, tv shows, games, reading etc) til about 4am, shut off computer, roll over and back to sleep (cause I’d never left my bed). What kind of life is that for a vivacious 20-year-old like myself?! So I hope to be able to give myself some kind of schedule and stick to here. Sigh…we’ll see how that goes.

Isn't he cute? In a "New-mom-thinks-her-newborn-alien-looking-baby-is-adorable" kind of way.

9. Be nicer. I’m such a jerk. To my family and in my head. I’m nicer to strangers than I am to my family sometimes. I don’t know if it’s the whole oldest sibling syndrome, or I just really enjoy torturing my younger siblings. Also, I often surprise myself at some of the thoughts that go through my head in reaction to people and their actions. I have such a low tolerance for stupidity (as do most people, as far as I know), but even idiots deserve to be treated nicely, right? lol

Lucky me! I have FOUR younger siblings to torture for ENDLESS entertainment.

10. Finally, my last resolution, is to learn more about my religion. I’ve been fortunate (or unfortunate, depends on who you’re asking) enough to be born into Islam. But what does it mean? I’ve never questioned it, simply going through the motions and what my parents and religious leaders tell me I should be doing. Instead, I’d like to come to my own consensus of what Islam means to me, personally. I’ve always believed that faith born out of doubt is much stronger than simple blind faith.

Well that's it. My 10 Ramadan Resolutions. I wonder, how much of this I can actually do. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I'm pretty sure that may apply to Tumas as well. =/

Au Revoir! Until next time, Bye!

As an English major, I couldn't NOT do this. I kept hearing the voices, telling me to always cite my sources and to never plagiarize, so here's my source link list for the images.
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