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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Things I Google: How Do Camels Sleep With Transparent Eyelids?

I've always been fascinated by the camel. I mean, it's such a cool animal--humps that store water, feet that don't sink in sand, transparent eyelids, and major fans of the middle day of the work week.

I was riding the train home after a long day and I was exhausted. I wanted to sleep so very badly. However, I was wearing my contacts and trying not to sleep for fear of my contacts drying up and causing my eyeballs to fall out of head. At the time, I had recently gotten my contacts and wasn't used to them. Now, I know when eye doctors say don't sleep with your contacts in, they are not referring to 20 minute naps and that eyeballs don't easily fall out of heads (unless you're a zombie, which I am fairly sure I am not).

ANYWAY, my anxiety over sleeping with contacts led to me thinking how nice it would be if I had transparent eyelids like a camel that would allow my contacts to be oxygenated while I slept. I know, I know, it made absolutely no sense, but I did mention that I was exhausted right? How could I (and camels) sleep with transparent eyelids. There are very few things worst than trying to sleep with the sun in your eyes. I turned to my God of Extensive Wisdom, Google, for the answer. "How do camels sleep with transparent eyelids?" I asked.


Apparently, they have three eyelids and they're not the only ones. Dogs and many bird species have three eyelids as well--lower, upper, and an additional transparent one. So, that's how camels sleep. They use the transparent one when walking through the desert to protect their eyes against flying sand, but then bring down the normal one when they to sleep. Come one, say it with me, "Niiiiice!"

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