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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Year: 2013

2013 was a pretty good year for me: full of stress, exhaustion, laughs, accomplishments, and joy. Want to re-take the journey with me. This time completely out of chronological order? =)

  • Led the Pace University Vox Arts and Literary Magazine as Managing Editor in the publication of the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 issues
  • Interned at Little Village Playhouse (June - August) during the SummerStage program, a theatre day camp for all school-aged children (5-18)

  • Graduated from College with a 3.88 GPA and a dual Bachelors in English and Adolescent Education (December)
  • Chosen as a recipient of the Grace M. Dell Award for Exceptional Graduating Seniors (May)
  • Crashed the May Graduation Ceremony and fed my fellow Ed majors Gummi Life Savers Collisions and Ferrero Rocher chocolate during the speeches (May)
  • Attended best friend's graduation (so damn proud of her) and she attended mine
  • Survived student teaching full time at Valhalla Middle/High School (September - December) and even did pretty well
  • Passed my last teaching certification exam (November)
  • Learned to put on make-up (mostly)
  • Discovered Bitstrips and Buzzfeed and Candy Crush (which I abhor)
  • Started researching grad schools (November)
  • Locked my coat in at work (in the cabinet that my boss clearly told us is usually locked and so to not put anything in there) and was forced to go home with a borrowed hoodie . . . in the rain (January)
  • Maxed out my first credit card, then got another one
  • Used holidays (and pretty much any occasion) as excuses to spend the day at BFF's house drinking Chai, eating yummy Desi food, and watching movies!
  • Getting the chance to fly to Portland, Oregon to present my paper at the Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor's Society) 2013 Convention! (Also, staying in a hotel room for the first time.)
  • Went hiking for the first time (and didn't die)
  • Played UNO (passionately and aggressively) with co-workers instead of working
  • Several fun outings with said co-workers, including a great Holiday party and Secret Santa gift exchange
  • Saw Wicked on Broadway for the first time with some of my most FAVORITE people (aka the aforementioned co-workers)

  • Little sister graduated from elementary and moved on to middle school, while baby sis started Kindergarten
  • Ate a scrumptious Pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting that I'd received as a thank you gift from a pal (It was that good that I can still remember it like it was yesterday.)
  • Got a great haul from the Pleasantville Fall Library Book Sale
  • Started wearing contacts for the first time

I'm sure I'm missing a ton of things because it's those little moments, those that help you get through each day, that are what's really special (and that you never remember): the inside jokes at work, the coincidences that work in your favor, delicious food, chatting about an episode of your favorite show, and typical craziness of life. Think of it as collecting little stories of your life. The more stories you collect, the more you're living life. 

Yet, the most important criteria for a great year is accepting yourself and your life as it is while striving to make it as exciting and enjoyable for yourself as possible. Sounds a little contradictory, but I still think it makes sense. Love thy self and want everything and anything for thyself and you shall be happy, I think. 

Happy New Year! 

May this upcoming year be better, or at least just as good as this one, for you and me both!

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