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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Maybe My Life Doesn’t Suck as Much as I Thought #1

So, I often think my life sucks. I’m antisocial, unemployed, weird. I have strict parents, annoying siblings, no money…I mean, the list goes on and on.
And you always hear the cliché –“There is always someone worse off than you”—which I scoff at of course, because NO ONE’s life could possibly be as bland as my own.
Then, as an intelligent human being (or so I would like to think), I kick myself in the ass (metaphorically, as I’m not nearly that flexible) and call myself a dumbass among other things.
In the end, I decide to write a series of posts about the things I’m gratefully for, the things others might even envy me for, the ways in which maybe my life doesn’t quite suck as much as I thought it does.
Without further adieu,
Maybe My Life Doesn’t Suck as Much as I Thought #1:
I’m Healthy.

I mean, in my 20 years of existence, I have not been sick with anything more severe than the common cold. No broken or fractured limbs, so ear infections (as far as I can remember), no flu (and I don’t even get flu shots), no tumors, cancers, rare diseases….
That’s something to truly be grateful for, right? I mean life is hard enough to live, without having to live it with diabetes or sickle cell anemia, or asthma. So, I’m glad, thankful, absolutely ecstatic that I’ve yet to suffer or struggle that way.

So, that’s #1. I hope I haven’t jinxed myself now with this post. Next thing we know I’d be laid up in the hospital with some funky disorder that makes me sprout wings……though that would kind of cool, wouldn’t it?

Until next time!
Life is Funny

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  1. I wish I've only ever gotten sick with the common cold lol. But I do have to say being sick with what I am sick with (haha that sounded weird) has made who I am today.
    And I hope you haven't jinxed yourself either! I wouldn't wish sickness on my enemies (idk if I have any..but still lol). Unless it was someone really bad like...idk...Voldemort? lol (Is it sad my first thought is a fictional character?)
    Anyway, I wouldn't even wish that on my enemies, and I like you, so I certainly wouldn't wish that on you! lol :)