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Friday, December 16, 2011

GETTEL: Personal Vision of Teaching

Last post, I mentioned my personal vision and how I would attempt to convey that image via video. Well, the video is done and I thought I'd share. Today is a short post. So, boo hoo, you don't get my usually rambling nonsense, but final's week has me beat. I actually have a paper I should be working on, but alas I procrastinate, the pandemic of college students everywhere.

So anyway, in the video you see two of my main teaching philosophies:

1. No one is perfect and students should not be expected to be so. Instead, teachers should embrace their students' imperfection, while looking for what makes them special.

2. College is not the only answer, or even the right answer. Teachers should not be teaching solely to get their students into higher education. All of your students got into 4 year schools this year, Whoop-dee-doo. Are they truly happy, is the question. Are they following their  dreams or your own, or their parents. Success doesn't come solely with a college degree.

Without further adieu...

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