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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Working at the Family Justice Center: Week 1

I’ve survived! My first week of working full time. 40 hours. Arg! I’ve been exhausted!

So, two posts ago, I mentioned that I got a new job working in the Children’s room at the Family Justice Center. The Family Justice Center is a program under Mayor Bloomberg’s Combat Domestic Violence office. It’s basically a one-stop shop for victims and survivors of intimate partner violence or domestic violence. Clients can walk-in anytime from 9 to 5 and get all kinds of help: speak with a lawyer about a case, speak to our police officers to make a report, speak with a counselor or case manager, get help finding a shelter, get food or clothes for the night, receive help getting benefits etc etc. The purpose of the Children’s room is to be a peaceful, safe place for children whose guardian(s) is getting services at the Family Justice Center. Any guardian or parent who would prefer that their children not listen in on their conversation with a lawyer, or counselor are welcome to leave them with us in the Children’s Room. It is then our job to make the possibly traumatize child as happy as possible and provide a place where they can leave their problems at the door, even for just a little while.

In other words… I get paid to play! lol

In the past week, I have played UNO, Memory Match, Operation (both original and Shrek version), Go-fish, and Life. I have also been very creative and colored an Ernie and a scarecrow, drew a teddy bear and my dream home, and made a bead bracelet. I even painted a ceramic fish (which I forgot at work on Friday *pout*)!

What’s even better about working at the FJC, is the people. I get along really well with my co-intern and my supervisors. Despite its corporate look, the FJC offices, as well as the employees are very welcoming. My co-workers are so friendly, laid-back and easy to get along with. I spent one lunch hour playing hang-man with my boss for gods sake! LOL Never thought that could ever happen.

In short, I’m enjoying my time there and look forward to the next three weeks!

Want to see my amazing artistic ability? *grin* Look below!


Coloring! And I didn’t even go out of the lines…much. =) Yay!


Pretty bead bracelet! Excuse the slightly hairy arm. Yes, it’s mine. =)


Ladies and Gentlemen. I introduce you to… Sally Bear! (The bear outline was a stencil. I ‘m not that good. But the outfit and hair are Tuma originals!)


My dream home with the white picket fence, nice forest behind it and swing set. Okay, so my fence isn’t white, the house is an atrocious color, and I have a grey and pink cat despite the fact that I don’t like cats much. Sometimes Most times, things look better in your head! lol


Just my name with some random doodles. Oh, since I’d be annoyed if someone asks me what’s that green thing. It’s a FISH, a fish, people! I know it came out weird looking. lol


That’s all, folks!

Until next time,


Life is Funny!

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