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Friday, June 29, 2012

Big Sister Pranks!

I was puttering away on my brand new Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet when my young sister slammed into my room. “Fatuma! Fatuma! The c-c-comp-p-pu…,” she struggled to say as her stutter became worse than usual. My hands had already paused on the tablet’s keyboard as I struggled to contain a smirk before finally looking up—a seemingly bored façade in place. “What is it? Slow down and spit it out.”

“The- the c-c-computer is fr-freaking out! Come look,” she yelled frantically, pulling on my arm.

“Okay, okay. I’m coming,” I grumbled as I followed her to the living room and stood before the family desktop computer. “What’s wrong with it?” I asked after a minute of nothing actually happening.

“It was moving by itself,” she replied.

“Alright, try what you was doing before,” I suggested as I sat on the nearby couch and resumed puttering on the tablet I’d bought along.

“Fatuma! Fatuma!’s doing it again! It’s controlling itself!” I looked up struggling to hide my amusement. “Now, it’s typing,” she screeched loudly, just as Microsoft Word was opened and the following words appeared on the screen in bolded, red, Calibra, size 14 font:




“What’s going on”, little sister continued to freak out as I began to laugh hysterically. “Try- try closing it”, I stuttered trying to catch my breath.

“O-okay,” she said reluctantly as she edged towards the computer to close the screen. “No, I don’t want to save you,” she muttered anxiously as she clicked “no”. A few seconds later, Microsoft word re-opened and these words appeared in a larger font size:



My sister worked herself into a frenzy. “Fatuma! I closed the window and now it’s asking me why I closed it. I’m freaking out! I’m freaking out”, she yelled as she did just that and ran for the phone sitting next to the monitor, just as these words appeared:


“Faaatuuumaaaa!!!!” she cried. “It said to sleep with one eye open. I’m gonna die”. She was nearly hyperventilating as she hysterically dialed my dad’s number.

‘No, I’m gonna die,’ I thought as I fell to the ground, holding my stomach in uncontrollable laughter.

“Daddy! The computer’s freaking out…But, it’s important…O-okay…bye”.

‘Hahahaha’ I cackled manically as I laughed even harder. ‘R.E.—J.E.—C.T.E.D. Rejected’, I sang amusingly in my head imitating an old Zoey 101 episode. This was just getting funnier and funnier. ‘Who knew it would work out so well?’ I thought gleefully.

Meanwhile, dear little sister mine continued to freak and panic. I finally took pity on her before her little heart gave out. “C-calm down. It- it was me. It was me,” I choked out in between bouts of laughter.


I explained about a new android app I discovered called Splashtop Remote Desktop. I explained how it allowed me to be able to take control of a computer. I explained how I was playing a prank. I explained how it was all me being the typical evil older sis.

After I finished, she glared at me for a long time without speaking. Then she said just one thing with as much menace as she could muster, “YOU sleep with one eye open,” and returned to using the not-really-haunted-computer.

And that my friends was the story of the time I played a prank on my little sister.


Interested in the android app that allowed me to do this? Here are the links:

Splashtop Remote Desktop App - $4.99

Splashtop Remote Desktop App - HD Version - $8.99

Splashtop Remote DEsktop - PC/MAC Software


What pranks have you played on your siblings? I want to know, so leave your story in the comments!

Until next time,


Life is Funny,

Especially when you’re a sinister-prank-playing-older-sister-with-a-lovable-but-gullible-younger-sis.


  1. Hahahahaha! Is it bad that I love this? I think this is hysterical. What a genius move lol

    1. Is it bad that I DID this? LOL Not at all. =)

  2. LOL You're a great story-teller and a horrible older sister xD

    1. Thanks. I gotta be good at something. And you only say that cause you're a younger sibling...I bet if your bros read this, they would be able to relate! =)